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CRM, Social CRM, Customer Experience and Emerging Customer Strategies & Technologies is a rich media information resource focused on customer management strategies and technologies, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), social CRM and Customer Experience Management (CXM).

Using videos, podcasts and other rich media content, is laser focused on the issues and matters that most influence success or failure with customer strategies, processes and software solutions. The website is an authoritative information resource for business and IT leaders and practitioners seeking to advance their organizations and careers by advancing their customer management strategies, performance and results. The blend of primary research, original content, curated content, news and user generated content delivers a synergistic combination of information that promotes accelerated learning and actionable take away.

Website content combines a focused interest in customer strategies and solutions with a diverse community of business executives, IT leaders, practitioners, consultants, academics, media and suppliers. As a trusted source of independent, expert and balanced research, opinion and advice, the site provides first-hand experience, expert commentary and community collaboration so that its members can share and interpret for themselves unbiased information they can use to grow their careers and businesses.

Our purpose is to harness the best independent and objective information, expert advice and news to help business and IT leaders make better, faster and more informed decisions regarding customer strategies and supporting technologies. The site is free of vendor advertising and influence. We invite all to engage in our pursuit of maximizing value while reducing risk of business strategies and software solutions.

The Web's best collection of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Social CRM and Customer Experience (CX) videos, podcasts, reviews and expert commentary.


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